Hey! This is a story of The Johnson-Brown Legacy. It's not one of those legacy challenges, it's their story. I will post what happens in their life every time I quit playing, so I will post one post everyday, describing what happened that day I played them. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

To Start The Story

(This post may be lacking pictures because as I will say in the post, not much is know about the starting of the story.)

This is the start if the Johnson-Brown Story. Not much is known about the two people who started their legacy. Izzy Johnson and Laquisha Brown. They were two people both interested in music. They soon discovered the similarities they had and started to develop feelings for eachother. Together they had a baby girl, they named her Ayesha. Ayesha grew up to be evil. As she grew up, Izzy and Laquisha grew apart. While Ayesha grew into an young adult and joined the criminal career track, they became elders, and even though they still had some love for eachother, they never got married. One night they got into a big fight, presumably because Izzy proposed to her and she refused. Then they started fighting with eachothother.

Izzy and Laquisha fighting as elders.

After long days of fighting, Izzy won the fight and then locked her inside a cage. Laquisha survived in their for days. Until one day. Ayesha had gotten a promotion. Izzy had made history(as a Rock Star).The day was going well for them. Not for Laquisha. She died that day. She had died of starvation. Ayesha was devasted, she had been caught up so much in her career that she wasn't even paying attention to her mother.

Laquisha dead.

Ayesha moved out, taking her mother's gravestone with her, hating her father for doing what he did. She took her mother's last name. She lived a better, lonely life. 

Ayesha's new house.

There was only three people who she loved. Her mother, her boss, and this one guy who was at her party. The guy's name was Larry Jackson. He wasn't evil,like her, but was more of a mean hearted type of person. She had thought of him as just a friend, but eventually came to love him. They tried to get together but never could. Suddenly, her boss died out of nowhere. She was so upset she had to move again and let out all of her bad memories, but she still took her gravestone. She moved to a house closer to Larry's. They had become closer, but still hadn't been able to develop a relationship. One night, when they were together for a short time, they had went on a date at the movies. Then made Woohoo at her house (Hehehe). She had then fell asleep with Larry. She then woke up, to Larry making a breakfast of delicous waffles, but was feeling a bit sick and threw up in the bathroom. Then she started having a weird feeling she was pregnant, but never told Larry. 

Later, she found out for sure she was pregnant, and was getting a belly. She had gotten farther into her career. She eventually had the baby and named her Dejanaye. Dejanaye was a bright gril, unlike her parents. Now at this time,  Ayesha is much older know, a full adult. Dejanaye has just turned a toddler. Larry, who is still not in contact, doesn't know about his daughter.

To be continued...