Hey! This is a story of The Johnson-Brown Legacy. It's not one of those legacy challenges, it's their story. I will post what happens in their life every time I quit playing, so I will post one post everyday, describing what happened that day I played them. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Devastatingly Jolly Birthday Party

So it was Ayesha's and Dejanaye's birthday party. It was a last minute party, because they wouldn't really care about a birthday if they didn't know much people. Though, they still had the party, and few people came. One of the people invited was Larry. Ayesha told him to come early, because she needed to talk to him. So he came early, at 7:00pm (party was at 8:00pm). Ayesha was nervous, but told him about his daughter Dejanaye.

Larry was shocked. Ayesha, not noticing his reaction, asked if he would be able to take care of Dejanaye with her, but unfortunately...

Larry refused. He was furious. He said that Ayesha should have told him the day she was born, so he could at least see his daughter as a baby, and he would follow through with taking care of her. But she didn't. She waited all this time without telling him. So he refused. They were both furious, yet upset also, and became enemies.

Even though all of this had happened, they still had to proceed with the birthday party.

Ayesha and Dejanaye at their birthday party.

Ayesha was sad, but still had a great time with, now the only person she had to love, Dejanaye.
So Ayesha became an elder. Dejanaye became a child.

Through all the bad and the good, miracles and disasters, they loved eachother, and will always be with eachother to the day they die.

To be continued...