Hey! This is a story of The Johnson-Brown Legacy. It's not one of those legacy challenges, it's their story. I will post what happens in their life every time I quit playing, so I will post one post everyday, describing what happened that day I played them. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sorry! i'll be back!

sorry i havent been posting for a while ive been really busy lately and will get back to this sometime!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Boyfriend and Handiness

Dajanaye has been learning lots of new things lately. She is well at repairing any object, without getting hurt by it, or damaging it any more. The things she fixes are actually good as new! She does have the Handy trait though. So there was two broken sinks in the house. They looked completely new once she fixed them.


She has also been hangin' out with her new friend, and they've gotten very close. She put on makeup and everything for him. They do everything together. Movies, the park, the beach, the pool, they've been everywhere! So one night, Tyrone asked if Dejanaye wanted to "Go Steady", and she accepted! they are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. That night they had their first kiss...


There will be more to come soon...

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Dejanaye was just riding her bike home from school having a normal day, when she saw 3 people walking into a house next door. She had never seen these people before.


She parked her bike out side her house, and ran next door to meet the new family that had just moved in.


She greeted the adults, and went on in to find, a boy that looked about the same age as her, sitting down and watching TV. She greeted him, and soon they were friends, and enjoyed being with eachother.


His name was Tyrone Banks, and they realized they had a bit in common. They both wanted to have a family. However, Tyrone still wanted a career in business. Dejanaye found out something about herself, she seemed happy around other people, and all her thoughts disappeared, only the want of having a family remained. They stayed up talking so much that Dejanaye forgot about the time and saw that it was almost past her curfew. She said goodbye to the Banks and rushed home.


Dejanaye enjoyed this feeling. She felt the same way with her mom as a kid, but this time it's different. She loves someone.

To be continued...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Birthday For Dejanaye

So it was Dejanaye's birthday, she was becoming a teenager today, and it was a big step in her life.


She can finally make her own decisions and have a close relationship. She is getting along with other people really easily, and is known by most of the Sunset Valley community. She hasn't thought of getting a job, because she hates the busy life and likes to stay outdoors and enjoy nature. She is also thinking of having a family, but isn't really considering it. She wants to get more interested in various activities. She has started painting some more, and is also continuing to write.


She is really interested in keeping her grades up so she is studying more.


Her mother is doing really bad. She is hiding her feelings and not talking to anyone. She does all kinds of chores in the house to keep Larry of her mind.


She also seems to be getting stir crazy by staying in the house so much, it affects her mood, and the way her daughter thinks of her greatly. She's really got nobody anymore...


What's going to happen to her?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


All has been going well. Dejanaye doing good in school. Ayesha now has loads of time to do what she wants, now that Dejanaye is no longer a baby and she has quit her job. They also have ANOTHER new house.


 Ayesha is still furious at Larry, and can't believe how he could just abandon his daughter. So she invited him over, saying she wants to apologize to him. Dejanaye is sleeping, for her next day of school.

Larry comes over. Ayesha comes to greet him. Then a second later she jumps right at him, and starts to beat him to the ground. 


She is showing Larry how mad she is, and is like some rabid animal trying to kill him! She is really trying to kill him! Larry trys to fight back, but she always ends up beating him. 


After the fight, Larry is injured badly. He is sent to the hospital, and nobody knows that Ayesha is the one that caused all of it.


So days later, Ayesha gets a call. It's the hospital. They say that Larry died overnight, due to complications in surgery to fix all of his broken bones. They say that Larry wanted to tell Ayesha that he's sorry, before he died. They said his grave would be delivered.


Ayesha hung up. She was left wondering, about the person she used to love. She had killed him. Dajanaye hadn't even met him yet. She realized she had done something wrong. Her life was miserable...

To be continued... 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just a Normal Day...

It was just a normal day for Ayesha and Dejanaye. Ayesha made a really hard decision today. She quit her job as a thief. She just didn't have the same feeling as she had before. Plus she didn't want Dejanaye to get any bad ideas.

Dejanyaye has been doing good lately. She has been practicing her skills, such as writing and painting.

Ayesha is struggling with some stuff, after what happened with Larry, and maybe just because she is getting old.

They are also thinking about moving, because now that Dejanaye is a child, she needs some more room. Plus there isn't enough beds...

Lets see what happens next...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Devastatingly Jolly Birthday Party

So it was Ayesha's and Dejanaye's birthday party. It was a last minute party, because they wouldn't really care about a birthday if they didn't know much people. Though, they still had the party, and few people came. One of the people invited was Larry. Ayesha told him to come early, because she needed to talk to him. So he came early, at 7:00pm (party was at 8:00pm). Ayesha was nervous, but told him about his daughter Dejanaye.

Larry was shocked. Ayesha, not noticing his reaction, asked if he would be able to take care of Dejanaye with her, but unfortunately...

Larry refused. He was furious. He said that Ayesha should have told him the day she was born, so he could at least see his daughter as a baby, and he would follow through with taking care of her. But she didn't. She waited all this time without telling him. So he refused. They were both furious, yet upset also, and became enemies.

Even though all of this had happened, they still had to proceed with the birthday party.

Ayesha and Dejanaye at their birthday party.

Ayesha was sad, but still had a great time with, now the only person she had to love, Dejanaye.
So Ayesha became an elder. Dejanaye became a child.

Through all the bad and the good, miracles and disasters, they loved eachother, and will always be with eachother to the day they die.

To be continued...