Hey! This is a story of The Johnson-Brown Legacy. It's not one of those legacy challenges, it's their story. I will post what happens in their life every time I quit playing, so I will post one post everyday, describing what happened that day I played them. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Birthday For Dejanaye

So it was Dejanaye's birthday, she was becoming a teenager today, and it was a big step in her life.


She can finally make her own decisions and have a close relationship. She is getting along with other people really easily, and is known by most of the Sunset Valley community. She hasn't thought of getting a job, because she hates the busy life and likes to stay outdoors and enjoy nature. She is also thinking of having a family, but isn't really considering it. She wants to get more interested in various activities. She has started painting some more, and is also continuing to write.


She is really interested in keeping her grades up so she is studying more.


Her mother is doing really bad. She is hiding her feelings and not talking to anyone. She does all kinds of chores in the house to keep Larry of her mind.


She also seems to be getting stir crazy by staying in the house so much, it affects her mood, and the way her daughter thinks of her greatly. She's really got nobody anymore...


What's going to happen to her?

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