Hey! This is a story of The Johnson-Brown Legacy. It's not one of those legacy challenges, it's their story. I will post what happens in their life every time I quit playing, so I will post one post everyday, describing what happened that day I played them. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Boyfriend and Handiness

Dajanaye has been learning lots of new things lately. She is well at repairing any object, without getting hurt by it, or damaging it any more. The things she fixes are actually good as new! She does have the Handy trait though. So there was two broken sinks in the house. They looked completely new once she fixed them.


She has also been hangin' out with her new friend, and they've gotten very close. She put on makeup and everything for him. They do everything together. Movies, the park, the beach, the pool, they've been everywhere! So one night, Tyrone asked if Dejanaye wanted to "Go Steady", and she accepted! they are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. That night they had their first kiss...


There will be more to come soon...

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