Hey! This is a story of The Johnson-Brown Legacy. It's not one of those legacy challenges, it's their story. I will post what happens in their life every time I quit playing, so I will post one post everyday, describing what happened that day I played them. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just a Normal Day...

It was just a normal day for Ayesha and Dejanaye. Ayesha made a really hard decision today. She quit her job as a thief. She just didn't have the same feeling as she had before. Plus she didn't want Dejanaye to get any bad ideas.

Dejanyaye has been doing good lately. She has been practicing her skills, such as writing and painting.

Ayesha is struggling with some stuff, after what happened with Larry, and maybe just because she is getting old.

They are also thinking about moving, because now that Dejanaye is a child, she needs some more room. Plus there isn't enough beds...

Lets see what happens next...

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